At the ObservaLoire, dive into the water to discover the inhabitants of our river in their confrontation with the fishermen, recognize the different species of local fish, and enjoy finding out more about fishing techniques.
   At the ObservaLoire, travel back in time to the river port of Digoin in the middle of the 19th century, go aboard a barge and listen to its crew as they regale you with stories of their life, their work and their pastimes.

   At the ObservaLoire, discover the world of canals, their history, their importance and meet the last great wild river in Europe, the Loire. Watch, as the flood waters of the sprawling river make play with rocks and alluvial deposits, admire how it nurtures various species of fauna and flora. Finally, yield to the charm of the unrestricted view over the Loire and the Canal Bridge.

   Digoin's history is inseparable from that of the omnipresent water: the untamed currents of the Loire river and the domesticated water of the canals. In explaining the natural environnement and relating the story of the bargees, the exhibition helps us to understand the vital importance of water in shaping the destiny of the town.


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